Golden Rules

The Golden Rules for buying a property in Germany

Germany Golden Rules

  1. The purchase of real estate must be certified by a notary

  2. Notaries are subject to strict professional law and are impartial. They check the sales contract, teach about the consequences and apply for entry in the land register

  3. The land registry at the relevant local court keeps the land register. Documents, legal relationships (owner, mortgage, encumbrances). Heritable building rights and residential property have their own land registers

  4. Prospective buyers can view the land register at any time. You can rely on the correctness of the entries (public belief in the land register)

  5. In order to know advantages and disadvantages of a location, you should always consult a broker before buying

  6. An existing residential property should be assessed by a sworn expert (price, building services, repair backlog, if necessary monument protection costs). The market value can also be requested from the municipal expert committee

  7. When purchasing a large residential property or a rented apartment building, it is advisable to consult a lawyer (building and tenancy law) and tax advisor

  8. The buyer should contractually ensure that he will not incur any notary or land registry costs in the event of unintentional reversal

  9. The purchase price is paid into a notary trust account. The payment will only be made if all requirements have been completed

  10. Bargains can be found at foreclosures. The competent local court will inform you about dates and the differences in the purchase process

  11. Additional purchase costs:
    Notary and land registry costs 1 to 1.5% (the costs are paid by the buyer);
    Land transfer tax 3.5% (regional differences); Broker's commission 2% up to 6.9% plus VAT; possibly fees for appraisers, legal and tax advisors

  12. Running costs
    Quarterly property tax (varies depending on the property and city)


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